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Donovan Green Fitness is the most effective and robust online training program that will keep you motivated and empowered to enhance your life through practical coaching that yields RESULTS! Our focus is not on any one workout because we know that everyone is different and everyone needs a plan that works for them.

With Donovan Green Fitness you’ll get the fat-burning and muscle-toning workouts that you’re looking for whether you’ve never worked out a day in your life or you’re looking to enhance your fitness regimen to something even stronger.

Even better, you’re not just getting a host of workout videos that let you customize your plan to a routine that works for you and keeps you wanting to workout. You’re also getting completely free access to the private Facebook group for more tips, feedback, and even support from others on the same journey as you. Plus, there’s a custom workout calendar, monthly calls, and a whole lot more to keep you on track toward your goals.

Make Your

Workout Routine

Trainers often try to tell you exactly what workouts to do and when to get results, but that’s a really good way to leave you feeling unmotivated, bored, or overwhelmed with the plan that’s laid out for you. So don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at the vast library of workouts and choose the ones that interest you or help you reach your goals.

Choose from workouts from easy to challenging and a whole lot more to create a fully personalized workout plan that gets you where you want to be.

Online Virtual

Classes Available

We Are Available

On Every Platform

Sometimes that extra 15 minutes pops up at the office. Sometimes it’s an hour at home. Or maybe it’s 20 minutes while you’re hanging out with a friend. No matter where you are or what you’re doing we want to make sure you can access the fitness videos you want, so they’re available on every platform, no matter where you are.

Squeeze in your workout whenever (and wherever) you have the opportunity.


What People Say About Us

I found Donovan Green last year searching for ways to exercise while recovering from a hip replacement. One of the things I love about his program is that he doesn’t “baby” or make something easier just because we might not be 100% able to do everything. Workouts are tough but full of encouragement

Liz Hyde Digman

I came across Donovan’s videos on you tube after tweaking my knee. I used to belong to a gym but Covid changed everything. After doing the videos I subscribed to the membership and looking forward to his motivation and variety. I have been exercising with Donovan everyday whether it’s a quick 5 minute video a few times a day or longer length. Consistency and routine are the key for me and I appreciate the library of workouts. Much success and I am a fan

Judy Ann

I was inspired by the YouTube videos to join the group. My goal is to lose 80 pounds safely to improve my health and mobility. Safely is the key word for me and Coach Donovan has been a wholistic trainer! Mind Body and Spirit. Thank you for your dedication Coach. Well my accountability is for consistency and determination to be healthier.

Doreen Haines

I found Donovan Green to be funny and sincere. He has so many workouts that are great. My number 1 goal is to continue to lose weight and tone up. I have lost 50 pounds since Covid-19 and there is no turning back. I have gone from a size 20 to a size 14. There have been times when I look back and wanted to give up, but I listened to Coach Green and I refuse to give up.

Beverly Perry

Donovan Green Fitness is not about beginners or advanced trainees- its about MOVING! It’s about getting off your ass and getting motivated to live a healthier life. We all encounter excuses – a phone call I have to take, an email I have to write, etc…I plan on signing up a few friends as a gift.

Alexander Cohen

“Donovan Green proves that motivation and inspiration improves his clients’ lives inside and outside of the gym. Donovan’s own life story is the greatest example of how being motivated and driven makes what once seemed impossible a reality.”

Joe Scarborough, NBC News Senior Political Analyst and host, Morning Joe

“Hi D! I love how you include a little bit for everyone in your videos. You said it best, we are at different levels and we get better and faster as we get stronger and I have gotten both doing these workouts. Thanks D. Love ya brother.”

Nay D

“Gday luv, Oh OK! I’m on my second week 6 times a week. These are perfect chair workouts and this one is excellent, easy, short, and effective. Thank you Donovan Green.”

Denise Mitchell

” This routine was Spectacular! What you are speaking is the truth! Each day, I do different chair exercises of yours! I got carried away doing too many; on the same day especially; when I was tired! Rest, eating right and your exercises; does a body good! Can’t thank you enough”

Cecilie Noble

“I love your workouts! As a new mom its really hard to workout at home or go to the gym so I’ve been doing your workouts at work & they’ve made a difference!!”

Deiona Shanklin

“Thx Donovan!!! You sucked me in with the words ‘weight loss’ and from a chair, thought it would be a breeze. But was barely able to finish! Rematch in 2 days!!! Hey everyone, don’t let the words “chair workout” fool you. This isn’t for wimps!”

Debra Nelson

What We Aim For

We know that you are an individual, and we want to provide a plan that works for you. In order to do that, our goal is to help you build a more active and satisfying life through creating a workout that will encourage you to keep going.

Exercise is essential for a healthy life, whether it’s basic bodyweight exercises for beginners or more advanced options for those who really want to build their strength, muscle, flexibility, and more. Our aim is to make people believe in themselves by helping them discover their workout abilities.

With these workouts, we hope to motivate and inspire you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, in a way you may have never imagined possible.


Our mission is to give knowledge and fitness advice to each of our clients so they may enjoy every minute of their life with health, wellness, and a smile.


We envision each person to be fit and active, taking their body capability to a whole new level.


We’ve made it our goal to motivate and inspire people and help adopt an active lifestyle because it’s so essential.


Asked Questions

We know that with so many videos it gets easy to get lost and not knowing where to start. WELCOME to Donovan Green Fitness Success Guide. This is where you will find answers to all your questions.
Want to learn more about nutrition, build muscle, lose weight, get motivated, or join our Facebook group?
Everything you need to know is right here. We want to remove the clutter and make things clear as day so you can navigate through this amazing website like a pro. We want you to achieve your goals and spread the word to all your family and friends.
So, it is up to us to keep you happy. We are uploading 8 new videos every month o please be sure to come back to your member’s area often. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun. If you are looking for something that you cannot find or have any suggestions, please email getfit@donovangreenfitness.com

We are uploading new content all the time and you might get lost if you don’t get to know your way around this jungle. Take some time to watch this walk-through video that will guide you on how to use our website. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Community if you have already.

The easiest thing to do is get hurt when you do not pay enough attention to your present fitness level. I want you to ultimately master your body and do much more challenging exercises. But we believe in taking baby steps. So, first things first!

WATCH THIS VIDEO to get a better understanding as to where you fall on the fitness level radar.

HECK YEAH!! The best way to pay us back is by helping to spread the word. We love it when our members are EXCITED about what we do, and we too believe in paying back the favor.

We invite you to join our affiliate program where you will get a chance to pay for your membership each month by getting your family and friends enrolled with us. We will give you $5.00 each month for every person that signs up under your code. This payment will keep on going until that member cancels his or her membership. That’s what I call a win-win.

His time is very limited and getting personal time with him is almost impossible. However, Donovan has an 8-week intensive program that is designed for those who are ready to invest on a much larger scale.

You will get to work with him each week. We will meet either virtually or in person. That all depends on where you are in the world. The goal of this course is to get you up to speed with your personal health and life goals. WATCH THE VIDEO TO LEARN MORE.

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