I found Donovan Green last year searching for ways to exercise while recovering from a hip replacement. One of the things I love about his program is that he doesn’t “baby” or make something easier just because we might not be 100% able to do everything. Workouts are tough but full of encouragement

Liz Hyde Digman

I came across Donovan’s videos on you tube after tweaking my knee. I used to belong to a gym but Covid changed everything. After doing the videos I subscribed to the membership and looking forward to his motivation and variety. I have been exercising with Donovan everyday whether it’s a quick 5 minute video a few times a day or longer length. Consistency and routine are the key for me and I appreciate the library of workouts. Much success and I am a fan

Judy Ann

I was inspired by the YouTube videos to join the group. My goal is to lose 80 pounds safely to improve my health and mobility. Safely is the key word for me and Coach Donovan has been a wholistic trainer! Mind Body and Spirit. Thank you for your dedication Coach. Well my accountability is for consistency and determination to be healthier.

Doreen Haines

I found Donovan Green to be funny and sincere. He has so many workouts that are great. My number 1 goal is to continue to lose weight and tone up. I have lost 50 pounds since Covid-19 and there is no turning back. I have gone from a size 20 to a size 14. There have been times when I look back and wanted to give up, but I listened to Coach Green and I refuse to give up.

Beverly Perry

Donovan Green Fitness is not about beginners or advanced trainees- its about MOVING! It’s about getting off your ass and getting motivated to live a healthier life. We all encounter excuses – a phone call I have to take, an email I have to write, etc…I plan on signing up a few friends as a gift.

Alexander Cohen

“Donovan Green proves that motivation and inspiration improves his clients’ lives inside and outside of the gym. Donovan’s own life story is the greatest example of how being motivated and driven makes what once seemed impossible a reality.”

Joe Scarborough, NBC News Senior Political Analyst and host, Morning Joe

“Hi D! I love how you include a little bit for everyone in your videos. You said it best, we are at different levels and we get better and faster as we get stronger and I have gotten both doing these workouts. Thanks D. Love ya brother.”

Nay D

“Gday luv, Oh OK! I’m on my second week 6 times a week. These are perfect chair workouts and this one is excellent, easy, short, and effective. Thank you Donovan Green.”

Denise Mitchell

” This routine was Spectacular! What you are speaking is the truth! Each day, I do different chair exercises of yours! I got carried away doing too many; on the same day especially; when I was tired! Rest, eating right and your exercises; does a body good! Can’t thank you enough”

Cecilie Noble

“I love your workouts! As a new mom its really hard to workout at home or go to the gym so I’ve been doing your workouts at work & they’ve made a difference!!”

Deiona Shanklin

“Thx Donovan!!! You sucked me in with the words ‘weight loss’ and from a chair, thought it would be a breeze. But was barely able to finish! Rematch in 2 days!!! Hey everyone, don’t let the words “chair workout” fool you. This isn’t for wimps!”

Debra Nelson
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