About Us

About Us

Know About Donovan Green Fitness

Donovan Green is the man behind the genius idea of Donovan Green Fitness. Helping and assisting people since 2008,Donovan Green Fitness present a life-changing opportunity to make your life active and fit by providing custom workout routines. These workouts are specially designed and curated to help perform simple yet effective workouts; we offer chair exercises for beginners, office workers, and stay-at-home women. We here focus on you and your wellbeing. Our designed chair exercises aim to boost your overall mood and make you aware of your body’s strength. Chair Workouts let you test your mobility by increasing your flexibility in the most secure way possible. It enables you to keep an active lifestyle by assisting you to perform low-impact exercises designed especially for your body strength type.

It’s time you take the first step towards your fitness journey with Donovan Green’s Chair Workouts. Donovan Green presents you with a tailored exercise and lifestyle platform that allows you to reach your full potential and safely accomplish your intended goals. Check out all the latest workout videos and begin your chair fitness routine for a fit lifestyle today!


Story Behind Donovan Green Fitness

Donovan Green Fitness are more than just exercises. The core idea behind the formation of Chair Workouts was to present people with a portable and safe exercise experience along with expert coaching videos for referencing correct postures. Donovan Green recognizes that everyone’s fitness requirements are different, so he initiated developing custom workout programs to meet individual goals. Through Donovan Green Fitness, Donovan wants to physically transform the customers and make them emotionally stronger while staying in their comfort zone. The idea is to provide a platform that’s more beneficial than going to a gym. It’s a place where people can come and choose exercises according to their mood and strength and enjoy.

“I promise you that Chair Workouts are going to change your lifestyle. All you need to do is BE CONSISTENT! Every day, be ready to move your body and explore yourself. I completely believe in you, and I know that you alone can make it happen!”

—Donovan Green

What We Aim For

Every exercise we provide sets individuals on their ultimate target to a more active and satisfying life. Workout is essential, whether it’s basic on-chair exercises for beginners or seated core exercises for seniors — our aim to make people believe in themselves by helping them discover their workout abilities. We take pleasure in offering convenient, personalized, and innovative, simple bodyweight workouts that lead to a new you, so you feel like a champion. These workouts are here to motivate and inspire you to become the person you always wanted to be. We envision gifting you an energetic lifestyle. Our ambition is to offer you a variety of chair exercises to make your everyday routine worthwhile.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give knowledge and fitness advice to each of our clients so they may enjoy every minute of their life with health, wellness, and a smile.

Our Vision

We envision each person to be fit and active, taking their body capability to a whole new level.

Our Goal

We’ve made it our goal to motivate and inspire people and help adopt an active lifestyle because it’s so essential.

Donovan Green Fitness Are Here For

Donovan Green Fitness is a platform that takes a stand to cater to the elderly, injured, obese beginners, office workers, drivers, people who use wheelchairs, and individuals with knee and back problems. It is a service for everyone from every age group who wishes to focus on themselves and change their routine and body. Its distinct feature of providing low-impact easy-to-do exercise has proudly created a platform like no other.

Why Should You Choose Donovan Green Fitness?

We know it’s not simple to reach your fitness objectives. It revolves around multiple problems, including finding a place to work out, the right exercise, finding the energy to workout, and staying motivated. Donovan Green Fitness is the best alternative to help suppress all these thoughts and help you get back on your fitness journey. It not only improves physical fitness, but it also improves mental wellbeing. Donovan Green Fitness increases our customers’ strength without jeopardizing their health or putting them in danger of harm with easy-to-do exercises. Also, as Chair workouts only use bodyweight for resistance, you can efficiently perform these exercises anywhere, anytime, with only a chair. If you want to lose weight and enhance your wellbeing, it’s time you try Donovan Green Fitness and achieve all your fitness goals!

Through Donovan Green Fitness, I want you all to believe in yourself and the ability you possess to do this!

“Instead of being a tool of passive death, the chair is now the focal tool for productivity. So, CHAIR UP, I hope you all will accompany me on this fantastic journey of becoming fit and strong again.!”

Donovan Green
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