Losing weight can be frustrating and downright depressing. I’m going to share the biggest weight loss mistake to avoid so you can start seeing results ASAP. Weight Loss is more about understanding why you’re gaining weight rather than why you’re not losing it. You have to understand the biggest mistakes you could be making gif […]

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5 Quick Workout Tips To Lose Weight Faster

5 Quick Workout Tips To Lose Weight Faster Are you looking for that “jump-start” to rev your metabolism and get you bathing suit ready? The following five tips will improve your workouts and ignite your metabolism. Try some or all of these tips, and tell me what you notice a few weeks from now. 1. […]

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Choosing The Best Chair For Exercise

Choosing the best chair for exercise is something that many exercisers and coaches tend to overlook. Chair workouts are fun, doable, and can be accomplished anywhere you can sit. However, like any other exercise program, you have to have the right equipment to work out safely. All motorcycle helmets are not equal. Sure all helmets […]

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